מהם כלי ההקשה הנפוצים לילדים בחוץ
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In addition to slides and crawling, some parks and amusement parks also have other amusement equipment, such as children's percussion instruments, which are also new outdoor amusement equipment introduced in recent years. In order to enrich children's amateur knowledge, some amusement parks and parks now add outdoor percussion instruments. The advantage of these children's percussion instruments is that they can give children early access to music. What are the outdoor children's percussion instruments? Let's have a look

Rhythm master zither is a percussion instrument amusement device that needs to be customized. It is made of 304 stainless steel and some PE analysis. Rhythm master zither is also a kind of percussion instrument for outdoor children's amusement. It has many advantages. It can be used together with hands and feet. It indirectly exercises children's hands and feet and children's reaction ability in the process of playing, so that children can learn a skill and increase children's sense of music.

The teaching pipe instrument is a kind of percussion instrument recreation equipment that needs to be customized. It is made of 304 stainless steel and part of PE analysis. According to scientists' research, children's regular use of percussion instruments can develop children's brains, and the effect is better. After children learn to beat instruments, they can bring many improvements to children, such as "rhythm, rhythm and timbre", which is very helpful for children's enlightenment education, Children are learning to play percussion instruments independently, creating and being tough.

The hand clapped drum is a children's amusement device modeled on the drum. The hand clapped drum is made of galvanized panels and stainless steel materials. Generally, there are at least three drums of different sizes, and the scale is a pentatonic scale. The hand clapped drum can be customized to the height you want, with better playability. The multi color can be selected as "red, yellow, blue, green, purple". Strong color matching has color impact. The stainless steel material has another advantage that it can withstand any bad weather and can play with confidence.

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