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Be sure to let the child hold the swing rope tightly with both hands, and don't forget about it just because the child is excited. Tell the child that he should bend his arm a little bit, not straight, otherwise he won't be able to use his strength. When a child catches a swing, he must work harder and not be empty.


Choose good quality swings. Some swings that are crumbling, or weather-beaten and aging cannot be played. Generally speaking, iron swings are relatively strong, and ropes are prone to ageing and becoming fragile, which is prone to danger.


Good for the waist: swinging is also good for the waist, because when a person swings, his waist is repeatedly stimulated as the body swings, and the waist muscles contract and relax rhythmically, and exercise without knowing it. The waist increases the strength of the waist and abdomen.


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