What are the requirements for customizing children's climbing walls
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There are many large outdoor toys for outdoor amusement equipment, including children's climbing wall. Therefore, children's rock climbing has become a large toy commonly used in kindergartens. Rock climbing is a challenge and training for children, and more and more kindergartens attach importance to it. What are the requirements for customized children's climbing wall

First, materials.

Children's rock climbing walls can be divided into plastic rock climbing walls and solid wood rock climbing walls according to the materials. The difference is the price. Plastic rock climbing walls or solid wood rock climbing walls can be selected according to the kindergarten budget. The use of the two types of rock climbing walls is basically the same. Generally, high-end kindergartens use wood rock climbing walls, while secondary kindergartens use plastic materials. The wood rock climbing walls are heavy. The installation needs to pay attention to safety, and the screws must be tightened to avoid injury to children.

Second, cost.

This is also a problem that many kindergartens are more concerned about. The climbing wall is divided into plastic and solid wood. The price of plastic climbing is not high, and the plastic climbing cannot exceed 2 meters. This is mainly for the safety of children. The climbing wall is generally fixed with expansion screws. The solid wood climbing wall can be fixed with embedded parts and wrapped with concrete. The ground can be EPDM ground or plastic runway. Plastic is generally is cheaper than solid wood climbing wall.

Third, how to customize.

The kindergarten climbing wall can be customized. Since there is no specific specification for customization, you can contact the manufacturer to customize what you want. 

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